Snowy Scotland – Nature’s Artwork

My mum and sisters are shivering in snowbound Scotland just now.  What a contrast to Sydney where it’s steamy and number one on my gratitude list is having a pool.  Splash!

My elder sister is called Mairi Stones, she is a felt artist, mum of twins… and photographer of Mother Nature.

Aren’t these photos Mairi took just gorgeous?

Scotland Snow on Hills
This is the shore near my sister’s house – nice view! That isn’t snow on the beach, it’s frozen sea left when the tide went out.
Leaves frozen in ice
Mairi went to the pond near her house and saw lots of leaves on the ice, she peeled some off to reveal this beautiful image.
Leaves frozen in ice 2
Leaves frozen in ice 2
Leaves frozen in ice Scotland
Leaves frozen in ice 3

Gorgeous photos… and here’s it’s hot… weird, weird, weird.

Have you visited Scotland in the winter?

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