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my name is seana smith

I’m a writer of books and websites

My subjects?

  • Autism
  • Travel
  • Swimming
  • Sobriety
  • Humour

My next book is coming out in September 2024

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The Australian Autism Handbook Ed 4


A fully updated edition of the widely praised and most trusted Australian guide on how to raise a child on the autism spectrum.

What is new?

When Ventura publisher Jane Curry witnessed the changes in attitudes to disability in society over the last few years, she and authors Seana Smith and Benison O’Reilly realised that the current edition of Australian Autism Handbook needed to be revised and brought bang up to date for a new generation of Australian parents.

Seana Smith and Benison O’Reilly co-wrote the first edition of this essential handbook back in 2007 when reliable parent-friendly information about autism was almost impossible to find. Not only did they have combined  experience in journalism and science and research but they also had lived experience as mothers of young children who had been diagnosed with autism. 

Their babies are now fully grown men who are a living testament that a diagnosis of autism is not a grim end to happiness and that family life continues on a different path but with no less fulfilment and reward.

Read more and buy the book here.

The Australian Autism Handbook Ed 4

Here’s my latest funny book

wildly weird but totally true australia book cover map of Australia with animals and text

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Your kids will love reading the weird and wonderful facts about Australia in this brand new book!

Check out this hilarious Australian kids book, chock full of amazing facts, trivia and stories.

Learn about Australia in this amusing and entertaining children’s book, which will appeal to the adults too.

You will laugh and you will gasp, and then you will want to explore Australia and see its amazing animals and places for yourself.

Can you answer these questions:

  • What name was almost used for Vegemite?
  • Who fought the Emu Wars?
  • Is Australia an island?
  • What shape is wombat poo?
  • What is the unique secret of emu feathers?
  • What is the big controversy over the pavlova?
  • Why was a book written about the Anzac biscuit?
  • Is Cow Bay named after a dairy cow?
  • Is Uluru the world’s largest rock?
  • What’s unique about the dinosaur fossils at Lark Quarry?
  • What did First Nations Australians use as a football?

Australia is a huge country and it is a really unique and amazing place, and not just because of its sharks, crocodiles, spiders and snakes?

Kids love fun facts and parents love to see kids reading!

This book makes a terrific gift for the children in your life!

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