Our Family’s First Trip To Jervis Bay – Family Holiday Nostalgia!

I’ve come over all nostalgic and it’s not like me.

These photos from eight  years ago and have made me all warm and gooey.

2003 was a huge year for us. EldestBoy had done his first year at school, there was lots to celebrate there.

The biggest gift had been that he made friend – a FRIEND!! 

These were taken the very first time another mum and I ended the school year with a trip down to Jervis Bay. We stayed in a caravan.  These two kids have just finished Year 6 – amazing!!
Sliding down the dunes at Moona Moona was hilarious, I know cos I tried it.
We drove over to Summercloud Bay and saw a ray swimming along in the crystal clear water.
City kids need a bit of free range living, don’t you think?
And it’s good for us all to just gaze out to sea for a while.
And we totally fell in love with this gorgeous area.
The pub beer garden looked out onto this sea pool and the glittering sea.
And our lovely pals Kate and Steve live there too. Steve took this photo of the boys flying along the beach. It just sums up so well the freedom we all felt, and the joy.

Eight years later, our dearest Eldest didn’t come down, the twins did though and lots of 12 year old boys.

The mum friend I went with in 2003 doesn’t live in Sydney any more but the boys are all good friends, still.

This means a huge deal in our family. 

Do you have a holiday, or a trip, that was a turning point in your family life?

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