Happy 4th Birthday To The Bold and The Beautiful!

I’m so thrilled to report that I swam with the Bold and The Beautiful Swim Group at Manly at 7am this morning for the very first time.

And even better, it was the group’s 4th birthday. 270 of us swam from Manly SLSC to Shelly Beach and then all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and then swam back.

And the morning was perfect; blue skies, sunny, beautiful clear water, lots of fish and some stingrays waving hello as we swam by. Gorgeous.

Myself and some friends from the Can Too Swim team all joined in. Thanks to Sam Follows for letting me use this photo.

Have you read much about The Bold and The Beautiful? Or even seen the group swimming every day at Manly at 7am in their pink swim caps.

There’s a fantastic post on the group’s blog today, I do recommend reading the whole post and looking at the photos.

Here’s just a wee extract about the start of the swim group.

Honestly, if I wasn’t home alone tonight with wee Minnie the Minx and her friend who’s sleeping over, I’d pop down again tomorrow.

Thanks to Julie Isbill and all of the Bold And The Beautiful members for allowing me to use images from their blog.

My Can Too pals and I hope to swim with the B and B weekly until we do the Big Swim at Palm Beach on 27th January.  After that, school term commences but I guess I could swim at the weekends.

There is something FANTASTIC about swimming in the sea with other people. It’s cameraderie, and it’s safety in numbers.

Now I know why fish swim in schools!

A big Happy Birthday to The Bold And The Beautiful, it was fantastic to put on the pink cap and join in. And we’re hoping to be back one day next week.

Here’s to ocean swimming and to people pulling together and looking after each other – out at sea and on land too.

Now seriously, check out the Bold and the Beautiful blog post here!

Have you had a dip in the ocean today?

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