Couple of weeks in january

Whew! That was a busy two weeks.  We’ve been up and down between Sydney and Jervis Bay like wee rockets.

With some careful planning, and the assistance of the lovely Bethany our au pair, I did a bit of dividing and conquering the kids which worked really well. Whew again!

The first week after Paul flew out, I packed up Dexbox13 and Rusty Rocket and went down to our beach house at Jervis Bay with a lovely friend and her three boys. We had a very ACTIVE time.

Minnie and Mr15 stayed in Sydney, doing art classes and sleepovers and working at McDonalds respectively.

This past week, Minnie the Minx and I had a real girls’ time, with two of her friends from school plus their wonderful mums and big brothers.

Three nights with my wee daughter, what a rare treat!!

Back in Sydney, Dexbox was with friends at a sports camp and Rusty Rocket and Mr15 played some cricket.

How gorgeous are little girls? 
And little lads too?

And Thursday 17th was my birthday.

A mere 49, and I was delighted to enter my 50th year. Only 51 years until I get my telegram from the Queen.

No seriously, I really am improving with age.

And life has become SO MUCH EASIER than it used to be.  Thank God.

Seana Smith 49th birthday
We went out for a birthday breakfast to my fave cafe in Huskisson
Any year that starts with a breakfast like this is bound to be a cracker. The soft toys agree.

One of the mums is a wonderful cook, and effortlessly knocked up a birthday cake. The eight of us sang ‘Happy Birthday” and I felt like a princess.

My husband isn’t a man who remembers birthdays, especially when he’s half a world away.

Which is not a problem, there’s lots of things he’s good instead.  See, improving with age.

All this toing and froing did take a heap of planning, but it worked well and both trips were great little real holidays. Amazing.

And it’s so good that all the four offspring were happy whether with me or with Bethany. Jeez, I’m grateful.

And now, it’ll be school shoes and new pencils round here for the next week.

How’s the last week been for you?

Did you do some things to take care of yourself?

And are you too improving with age??

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