Beyond The Baby Blues- lovely feedback, many thanks

As an author, I really want to write useful books.

Helpful books.

This week some emails have come into my inbox which have really bowled me over.  In fact, they’ve made me feel all weepy. How professional is that?

From Lisiane La Touche

Director Of Social Work/Psychology Services, Tresillian Family Care Centres

This is one of the most authentic, powerful and  inspiring books  I have read in a long time.  My daughter noticed that I  read it cover to cover and said: “that rarely happens, Mum!”  I  identified as a parent and a health professional.

A client of mine stated that she “crumbled” when she read it because it could have been her, it became a defining moment in her recovery. She just joined our Perinatal Anxiety/Depression Group (“ I don’t have to put the mask anymore”) and talked about the book! Powerful.

Congratulations wonderful and inspiring mums!!

From Dr Melanie Strang

GP and workshop organiser

I have read just the first few chapters and it really hits the nail on the head!…the perspective it takes on emotional wellbeing is a much neglected angle in available books for new parents…..what a brilliant resource!

It covers incredibly similar topics to the ones covered in my workshop which is really reassuring for me that I am on the right track! I will definitely recommend your book to my workshop participants.

It means so much to myself and to my co-authors to know that professionals feel we’ve created something you can use.

I am so grateful for this feedback, it’s been a privilege to meet these professionals during the writing of the book.

Linking to the lovely Weekend Grateful over at Maxabella Loves… I first learned the power of gratitude at a PND course I went to run by Tresilian, in fact.

It was a great course, so helpful for me and the other mums who attended.  That habit of gratitide has stayed with me, it’s part of my own mental health maintainence now.  So lovely to practise gratitude collectively with the Maxabella gang.

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