Of School Holidays Messes – In House And In Head Too

50% of my extremely boisterous bairns go back to school today.

Can I just say ‘thank goodness?’

Much as I do love a change of routine, and a break from the lunches/morning teas regime …..

Much as I’m so grateful that Mr6 has learned how to look after himself and not wake me up until 7am – the luxury ……

Much fun as we had here and there around Sydney and the Gold Coast….

I need to get the house in order, and my brain too.

school holiday messy house

Have never been able to think properly with children around. With peace and solitude my brain returns to ‘normal.’

But what tips me over the edge with all four on the rampage at home… is the MESS!

The MESS, everything is everywhere and I CAN’T STAND IT… well, I can for the first couple of weeks and then I CRACK!

school holiday messy house

school holiday messy house

children hoovering
The teens are 15 and 13 and the twins are six, so they can lend a hand around the house.

We did start a bit of clearing up and hoovering.

Wonder how long it will take for my thoughts to get themselves back into some sense of order?

How many hours of NOT hearing yells of ‘Mum, mum, mum’ will THAT take?

Oh, I do love the start of them school term?

Almost as much as we love them ending!

Is it only me?

PS Have got some useful info to share from our adventures, and will do when I get a grip, which could happen any day now!!

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