Books Read in 2020

Whew! The year is over and for the first time ever, I listed every book read during the year. Little did I know as the year started what an excellent year this would be for staying at home and reading … Read More

Happy New Year’s Resolutions

Call me old-fashioned, but I love a fresh start.  And here are my resolutions for the year: * NOT TO WRITE ANY BOOKS!!!! * To READ more lots and lots of books * To slow down, slowly, surely and steadily … Read More

Calm Strong Kind :

My weekly diary to record how I’m doing on my  Do Less and Stay Calm goals for 2015.  A way of keeping myself accountable. I drove for hours and hours and hours over two days this week and had one … Read More

How To Cope When You’re Just Not Coping

Jeez, don’t ask me!!

Actually and seriously, I do have something to say on the subject of not coping, an area I have plenty of experience in.

This post is brought to you by all the people who’ve ever said to me and other mums of kids with additional needs kids/twins, triplets and more/ FIFO husbands/babies and toddlets etc etc

‘I don’t know how you cope?’

We don’t!!

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Scottish Stories – Sunshine + Rain, Laughter + Tears

Sunshine Rain-5Typical Scottish April weather we’ve been having here. Maybe a wee bit nippier than usual.

There’s sunshine when it’s raining, then lowering grey skies, then wee blue patches. Always changeable, very breezy.

You need to be prepared for all possibilities, and go nowhere without a waterproof, a hat, scarf and gloves.

Life’s like that too, isn’t it?  Changeable.

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