Scottish Stories – On Friendships Old and New

two little friends

I ran away from home when I was 16 years old. Well, actually, I got myself a scholarship to a school on the West Coast of Scotland where I boarded for the equivalent of Years 11 and 12.

Luckily for me, another new girl started at the same time, and, like me, JV had come from a huge public school. We bonded straight away and so began many adventures.

JV’s Mum was always really good to me and I spent lots of time at their house.

Our toast festivals were legendary.

JV and I haven’t lived in the same town since we were 18, which is, horrifyingly, about 31 years ago.

We reckon we were the girls least likely to have lots of children. But here we are in 2013, each with three boys and a girl. And our little daughters are only 5 months apart in age.

We met up yesterday at a non-chocolate box Scottish location (the Costas cafe at Tesco in Corstorphine) and as usual JV and I just got straight down to nattering business.

It’s always easy, always.

We never communicate at all in between seeing each other, no Facebook, no texts, no emails. But it’s always, always effortless when we meet up.

Those friendships forged in the fires of the teenage years are steel strong.

And what joy that the same effortless ease in renewing the friendship has happened for our little girls.

They’d met before nearly three years ago when they were four, and now again they just got straight on with being little girl pals.

two girls running

Which involves a lot of running around and buying colourful elastics for their hair.

The journey from home in Sydney to Mum’s new house in Scotland was 30 hours door to door.

The journey back through time to the deeply forged friendships of youth takes seconds.

Passing on the gift of friendship to our daughters  is so, so special.

Do you have a friendship that is passing down through the generations?

Does it make you feel all warm and glowing?


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