Scottish Stories – A Muddy Walk To See The Lambs

Muddy Walk-1

So it struck me as we walked along this muddy farm track, that my wee lass has never really spent much time in mud.

What fun she’s missed!

A lovely cousin of mine has a house that was originally an old farm steading. We visited one day and went for a walk to see the lambs.

Muddy Walk-2

Wellies were borrowed, there was much squelching.

Muddy Walk-3

And much delighted shrieking!

I stayed on the mud-free grass verge. Where’s the fun in that!?

Muddy Walk-4

These lambs were in the lap of luxury with their mums. Quite right.  I feel sorry for all the lambs we see in fields and on hillsides. Too chilly.

Muddy Walk-6


Muddy Walk-7

There’s a friendly face. But to be perfectly honest, sheeps’ eyes freak me out a bit.

Muddy Walk-8

And here at Dexbox, Minnie The Minx and their wee second cousin, posing on a gate. So Scottish!

Where can we find some serious, gumboot sucking mud in Sydney?

The nearest we usually get is the muddy rugby league pitch when it’s raining.

I’m thinking that our life in Sydney is far too suburban and we need to get out into the wilds more often when we get home.

Do you kids get a chance to wear gumboots?

Do they love playing in the mud?

Can you recommend a great washing powder!!??

Take it easy


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