The Pathetic Attempts of Seana Lucy Smith Trying To Stay Calm In A World That Has Something Against Her : Week 3

My weekly diary to record how I’m doing on my Do Less and Stay Calm goals for 2015. A way of keeping myself accountable.

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Kids on devices – far too much of that happening this week!

Hahaha, last week was calm, but it’s easy to be calm with just 50% of the family at home… or that’s what I found.

The twins came home and at exactly the same time, our young French student au pair had to suddenly go back to France.

Poor Anne was in quite a fluster and felt bad about leaving just when we needed her most… but what can be done?  These things do happen.

They especially do happen in school holidays.

Anyway with a cunning mixture of our fave old babysitter and plenty of (digital) neglect for the kids, plus a couple of VERY early mornings… most of my paid work is done for the week.

And I’m minimising the blogging, social media etc etc

Have been all of a fluster and have had terrible urges to drink wine… some of which I’ve given in to gracelessly… and feel all headachey and under the weather today.

Time to sober up for a few days.

Alcohol is such a false friend to stressed mothers.

Brain’s been busy with disquieting questions

Some big questions have been popping up in my mind this week.

This lifelong habit of overbusyness is wearing me down as I get older (and wiser.)

Why do I keep myself so busy??

What am I trying to prove and who to?

What am I trying to avoid?

I think in many ways, I am just greedy… want to experience everything all at once, want to bake, cook, work, play, write… all at once, all too much.

Going to let these questions roll around in my head as I try to remember my old golden rules for when life is too much.

Do things slowly, don’t hurry

Let things go

First things first

Sleep early

Stop drinking

Swim, swim and swim some more

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Does it sound stupid to still be saying that I’m enjoying the school holidays and not really looking forward to the great return next week?

Can I just say loudly that I am particularly missing my beloved – he’s done two weeks away and has two still to do. I hate being on my own when the teenagers are yelling at each other late at night.

Too much pent up testosterone. I need an SAS-trained male au pair… or someone with prison guard experience... just for a couple of weeks… if you know the right person, send an email post haste!

Hope your week is going smoother than ours!

And that there are smaller questions buzzing around in your brain.

Your hungover friend


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