The Pathetic Attempts of Seana Lucy Smith Trying To Stay Calm In A World That Has Something Against Her : Week 2

My weekly diary to record how I’m doing on my Do Less and Stay Calm goals for 2015. A way of keeping myself accountable.

Can Too Manly swim preparations
Rainy old day for a swim last Sunday morning

This week has been not bad for staying calm – hooray.  The teenagers were busy over the weekend, I swam twice with Can Too down at Manly, saw lots of sting rays and even a big wobbegong.

Home life was fairly harmonious and when the teenagers do argue, there may be loads of loud swearing, but they’ve yet to come to blows.

The twin terrors went off to their Sport and Rec camp very happily.

My part-time job starts again tomorrow, just two days a week on a really fulfilling project.

So really any lack of calm is all in my own mind.

I’ve read so many people saying that it helps to have goals.  Nicole at Planning With Kids made a big impression on me at a talk once saying that when you have to make decisions, just refer to your goals list and see if it fits in with them.

I think that would really help me, so I’ve made a goals list for 2015.

2015 Goals + Plans Overall

Do less

Stay calm

Declutter house completely!

More time spent on/with the children… behind-the-scenes with teens, of course.

Exercise and eating well are priorities

Blog – do less, be smarter and get in proper advertising, outsource more

The Four School Terms

Term 1

Part-time job at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) will be busy

Declutter all bedrooms

Kids, kids, kids

Do two blog posts a week max

Term 2

Photography and Design course re-start

Re-start regular weights program 2 x a week

Term off posting on blog (gulp, I’ll miss it)

Term 3

Finish Photography and Design course

One blog post a week

Term 4

Ramp up blog

Christmas and school holiday planning

January Goals List

Home – Declutter landing and my bedroom cupboards

Family – time, presence, focus

Blog – one – two posts per week

Work – two days a week

Exercise – 10,000 steps a day and one gym and two swims

Food – buy more fresh food at market and do a Harris Farm Markets online shop

Mental Health – find a adult recovery group to try, sit down and read once a day in front room

 Read Week 1 of this series TPASLSTSCWWHSAH here.

Being focussed on the kids involves a trip to the dentist today and a visit to one of my favourite psychologists… I often find that it’s when we are driving along that the teenagers will chat a bit more and open up. Actually I have one who is wide open and the other who certainly isn’t.

Right, that’ll do for now!

Hope we all stay calm for the nest week, catch you next Wednesday.


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