Our Weekends Are Changing…

casa chaos kitchen catastrophe

OK, we did have a fridge disaster and a kitchen catastrophe over the weekend but apart from that…. you could ALMOST start to say that SOMETIMES there’s a bit of relaxation in there too.

I know!

No-one is more surprised than myself.

Maybe I was really paying attention because this was Paul’s last weekend at home, he leaves for work again on Wednesday. But whatever the reason, we certainly noticed things are changing.

Like there’s some more space, more peace and calm in the household.

* It feels like there’s a lot less yelling of ‘Muuuuuuuum!’

* The twins weren’t fighting… at all… amazing…

* Children can get on with their own thing quietly… at one point Ms7 was watching looming videos on Youtube, Mr7 was writing a story, Teen14 was mowing the grass and Teen17 was still asleep….

Paul and I have been looking at each other and saying; ‘Are we in the right house?’

Bilarong roundabout

It’s not like it was a quiet weekend either. Here’s what we did, between the six of us:

* rugby league tournament

* ballet lesson

* teens and I joined a gym

* working at McDonalds, twice

* heavy metal band competition – Dad as roadie

* farewell party at Bilarong playground

* movie night

* art class

* family friends over for brunch with much splashing

* trip to Games Workshop

* clothes shopping in Chatswood

* maths tutoring

* washing, cooking, shopping, folding etc etc

* and loads of looming… Ms7, in her new pjs, is so proud of this item she designed and made all by herself.


And the kids and Paul even did a bit of keep fit in the garage. I was sweating just watching them.

weights 4 pix

Ironically, even though things seemed calm and quiet, I got incredibly uptight on Saturday. And felt so stupid as there was nothing really wrong.

Except my obsessive, circling thoughts and a dizzy, pressured feeling in my head. Horrible.

I put it down to my distress at the thought of Paul leaving. He and I and the kids often get a bit overwrought the few days before he goes.

Today was better – thank goodness – it’s important to enjoy these last Dadtastic days before he heads off for his month away.

 Ah, this FIFO life!

Anyway, these young people are growing up, and much as it astounds me that the speed at which they go from Lego to L-plates, I do love the changes and the peace and quiet we get, sometimes…. in amongst the endless driving!

It’s easier than having babies, toddlers and preschoolers and I’m a much better mother of these older youngsters. Even the twins can read their own bedtime stories these days.

Oh things really are changing, they sure are.

How do you feel as your children grow up?

Did you have any quiet spaces in your busy weekend?

Take it easy


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