Melbourne’s City2Sea – News From A First Timer

Melbourne city2sea balloons

Thrilling news from Melbourne’s City2Sea race – the course is dead flat!


There’s no heartbreak and there are no hills, just a lovely flat 14km course.


Melbourne’s answer to Sydney’s City to Surf was such a pleasure to do yesterday, helped along by perfect weather: sunny, warm and not too hot. And it was pouring in Sydney all weekend; how ironic.


Now I’m not a runner at all, more of a walker, shufflers and slow jogger.

This wasn’t a race for my pal Susanne and I at all, we walked a lot of the course and jogged some too. Susanne ran the last four kms and I did a walk-jog-walk-jog.


Walking’s a marvellous way to see a city and I’d never been around Albert Park before, nor along the sea front at St Kilda. It was great to see lots of the city, the lake in the park and so much more.




If you’ve done the City2Surf, the world’s largest run, you know how busy the route can be and how crowded.

The City2Sea felt quite different, Melbourne’s streets are so wide and much of the route is through Albert Park, so it’s a lot less frenetic, plus there are many fewer people taking part.


So we really enjoyed stretching our legs and seeing some gorgeous city and sea views… and then, what a treat, we got to chillax at some groovy St Kilda caf├ęs!

Thanks to Nicole from Planning With Kids, I won the ticket to the race on her blog. Thanks to to my pal Susanne who was keen to come too , it was refreshing and fun to have our little escape south together.


Big thanks to Lyndsey who had the twins for a sleepover, the big boys for not burning the house down and Paul for not freaking out at wrangling the kids solo all day Sunday after his long journey home from Kurdistan.

Thanks also to my obs/gym whose repair job down below is working well, go the resprung pelvis floor.

Apologies to both my knees and one hip, all creaking now.

Hooray for frequent flyer points!

Now for the tidying up!

How was your weekend?


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