Here’s To A Happy 2014 – Have You Resolved Your Resolutions?

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Well it’s the morning of the 1st of January here in Edinburgh, and I’m just up after a much-needed lie in. The teens and I were down on Princes Street last night to watch the fireworks from Edinburgh Castle.

We were with an old pal from uni scuba diving days, who’d also been living in Scotland when I did in the early 90’s. Thank goodness for him as we all got caught up in the crowds and the crush was quite scary. Those teenagers will never know how much I needed to keep them in sight as we all got squeezed and pushed and pulled. Thanks to my old friend for keeping an eye on us all and guiding us in the right direction, to the edge of the crowds where we could stop and breathe.

It’s a metaphor for life!

20131200 Scotland family-050-2-blog
Rusty Rocket on a double decker merrygoround, part of the Christmas markets and festivities here in the centre of Edinburgh – note rare sunshine

New Year gives me such a sense of renewal, an opportunity to think clearly, pause and start afresh. Here’s what’s on my New Year’s resolutions list.

Scotland-063-blogPut family first

It’s my day job to look after the family, and it’s a demanding one. Especially when Paul is away, they really need me to be on top of things and even more importantly to be calm and cheerful.  

These young people, well at least the older two, won’t be with us forever. They need me and their Dad to be available and fully focused when they do need us.

Move the body more

A hardy perennial in my new year’s list… I’m going to take up some group outdoor training when the kids go back to school and am aiming to move daily and to keep up the swimming… nothing spectacular just keeping the old body alive and well.

Move the brain less

Quiet, calm, peace… inside the brain… another hardy perennial.

Blog less

Less posts, more depth I am thinking.

Cook more

And more of the healthy stuff… get those younger children eating better, the little monkeys.

Travel more

I have terribly itchy feet, and am aiming to get in some good trips this year, some with the teenagers only if we can swing that. Huge urges to explore somewhere new and challenging.  Also aiming to get back to Scotland again at least once when Mum has an operation sometime this year.

Turn 50 and thrive

In January I am turning 50 and that’s a good thing. It’s been great to meet up with old friends here in Scotland and discuss this. Most of us are feeling really good about it.

We’re experienced in life, the hardest part of the parenting years are over, we know who we are, we’re even wise… some days.

And those of us who are well are deeply grateful for that and pretty bloody committed to keeping as well as we can.

An ice rink by the Scott Monument on Princes Street

Why 2014 Won’t Be My Best Year Ever

Frankly I’m not into the idea of of ‘make 2014 your best year ever.’ Sounds a bit exhausting… and life’s not like that. All of years have ups and downs and I don’t think you can make years the best ever.

I’m just trying to really be present in what is happening and find the joy in what I do.

20131200 Scotland family-103-blog
Lots of eating out happening here, I loved this kids menu

And soon I must drive over to Mum’s where the twins have had their first ever sleepover at Granny’s.

I’m not posting much fromt his trip because it’s busy just being here with the four kids without Paul. We’re doing lots of catching up with relatives, young and very old, seeing some sights.

Trying to take photos and blog would be too much for me and would upset the wee ones.  We do pop some photos up on my Facebook page though, here and there.

But stand by for some Dubai posts coming up and more excellent posts from other writers.

20131200 Scotland family-055-2-blog
Eldest and youngest out at a torchlight procession

Hope that your New Years Day was enjoyable and that you were fully there, body soul and spirit.

Lots of love


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