Happy 50th Birthday To Me! Birthday Bash at the Bay Of Fires.

bay of fires 2

50 years ago today, my Mum was hopping about on the kerb, having painful contractions and wishing my dad would hurry up.

He was late, of course… literally out to lunch.

Luckily Dad did pick up Mum just in time. I was born one hour after she arrived at the hospital.

Thank you, Mum for giving birth to me 50 years ago today.

Does that make you feel old??!!

Bay of fires 3

My International Man of Mystery and myself are celebrating in great style. We’re enjoying a 4-day guided walk around the Bay of Fires in Tasmania.

Uncomplicated luxury, it says on the website: so unlike normal life!

A huge thank you to my elder sister Mairi who came home with us from Scotland and is wrangling teens and twins whilst we’re away.

Paul and I have never had five nights away together before. We haven’t worn out serious walking boots since Number 1 son was born. It feels so significant to pull on those boots on my 50th birthday. I’m enormously grateful and feel very cherished.

Bay of FiresSo I’ll catch you next week, on the other side of 50.

Something tells me the 50s are going to be a really good decade for me. I’ve met recently so many women who are really loving their lives, and are truly their own women, at this stage.

 Thanks again Mum for pushing me out with all your might, into this big and wide and very beautiful world.

 Happy Birthday when it comes to all my fellow fab and fifty friends!

And to you young ones too.

Take it easy!


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