Good Enough Mum – End of Term RELIEF!!

Oh, thank goodness for that!!!

The school and preschool term finished today in NSW and we are all so relieved.  The last two Dad-less weeks have felt very long indeed.

Here are a few of the things I am feeling grateful for tonight:

Xmas Pressies Gone!

Amazingly and for the very first time, I have managed to send some Christmas presents to the UK by SEAMAIL. Have been meaning to do this for the past 15 years and never managed until today.

So brother-in-law and two gorgeous wee nephews are all sorted… so long as the boat gets to the UK safely.  Success at last!

A Gentle High School

The principal of my teenage son’s school said something at a meeting this week which brought a tear to my eye.  She is an older lady and has taught in many schools.  She said: Of all the schools I have ever been in, this one is the gentlest.’

How wonderful, I really need a gentle school for my great, big, gangling, gentle Giant Teenager. He needs a kind and strong community of caring people around him.  All kids do, all adults too.

Deadlines + Interesting Wee Bits of Work

I am a pre-deadline delivery person, I love to finish work early and then swan off to the pub or out for lunch to raise a glass to a deadline reached.

I just cannot bear sailing close to the wind with deadlines, and I don’t even mind that this renders me a deeply uncool person.  It’s a Capricorn thing.

Anyway, today I finished a bit of writing work far too close to the wire… so I’m grateful it did get done.

I’ve hugely enjoyed doing some work for a publishing company which involved researching and writing short pieces about Roman roads, Buddha, the history of bank notes, managed funds and life in the 5th century BC.

I do LOVE a bit of variety!

A REAL Holiday Approaches

Finally and by no means least delightful… cue drum roll… I am wildly grateful and madly excited as we are going on a family holiday to Bali this school hols.  I have been wanting to go to Bali for at least 25 years and finally the time has come.

Admittedly 25 years ago, I wasn’t thinking about going with four children and a BYO hot date… but there you go.

We’re all very glad to go there and very thrilled to be staying in hotels and villas and having a proper, actual, no-cooking, no-washing up holiday. Call an ambulance, I’m about to expire with joy just at the thought of it.

Hope you have a lovely time this school holidays if your children are at that age and stage.

We are aiming for an laptop-free holiday so I will catch you in a fortnight!

I’m linking up withMaxabella’s Weekend Grateful, this week hosted by the Lioness Lady, pop over to share all things grateful- you know it’s good for you!

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