Brand New Edition Of Beyond The Baby Blues

3624-BBB-Handbook-15-copyI often say  that I’ve written a couple of books that I really, really wish no-one ever had to read.

That’s an unusual thing for an author to say. But in my case it’s 100% true.

I so wish that there was no such thing as autism spectrum disorder, and I so wish there was no more post or ante natal depression, or any sort of emotional upheaval around childbirth.

BBB4But both DO exist, and it’s been a privilege to use my research and writing skills to create books that meet parents at their point of greatest need.

A new edition of Beyond The Baby Blues is in shops now. It’s in BigW we’re thrilled to report, and that’s where it sells the most copies too. Myself, Cathie Knox and Benison O’Reilly really did write this book as a labour of love, and our publisher Jane initiated the idea because she knows painfully well how great the need is.

Here’s a bit of video of me talking about the book, taken in Jane’s office.  Excuse the scruffy hair!


I have been fiddling about in Photoshop, making some images with quotes from the book.

Some quotes bring back VERY bad memories. Some still make me weep. Often they ring true so deeply.

BBB1-small BBB2small BBB3-smallPlease do share these images if you feel your friends would like to read them. I’d be so delighted.

And please let’s keep talking about PND and all emotional upheavals before and after child birth. Let’s be good friends and take care of each other.

Did you have PND?

Are you OK now? Are you stronger for it?

Take care of yourself


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