The Death of My Dad – Grateful for Peace + Acceptance

On my father’s gravestone, the inscription begins:

‘With love we remember

David McDonald Smith

Builder, musician and sailor.’

Dad passed away two years ago this week so I have been thinking about him a lot.  And about IT ALL.

I’m so grateful that I can say today that he truly is remembered with love.  There were many times I didn’t think of him fondly when he was alive.

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A Sister Sets Sail – Sailing Around The Meditteranean With Kids Aboard

I have two very lovely sisters who both live in Scotland, Mairi and Morag.  No, you don’t get more Scottish names than theirs.

Mairi is the eldest sister.  Morag and I agree it’s a marvellous thing to have a big sister; someone to copy and learn from your whole live through, someone to look after you.

So this week Mairi, her husband and their two children are finishing packing up the family home, packing up their boat and preparing for a year of sailing around the Meditteranean.  It’s a big week at their house.

They are brave, don’t you think?  I very much admire their adventurous spirits and their derring do.  Their boat is not big, but the waves they face will be.

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Good Enough Mother- Just Say No To… Ironing

I’m not a great believer in sticking to decisions made long ago.

Life’s all about change and renewal. Being flexible and willing to adapt feels like a core strength in this topsy turvy world of parenthood in the 21st century.

However I AM sticking with the no-ironing decision when it comes to school shirts.

Call me slack, call me lazy, call me a good enough mum but whatever you do don’t call me a dedicated ironer. It’s just not me, it never was. Even when I was single, in my showbiz showoff days, I had a lady who did. She did ironing and I didn’t.

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My International Man of Mystery

He’s my longest ever boyfriend, actually by quite some considerable time.

He’s a bloke who loves the simple things in life, but rarely gets them.

He’s genuinely tall, dark and handsome and he’s my very own

International Man of Mystery.

Here’s a wee tribute to my husband since he so kindly let me off all childcare duties on Saturday for the Aussie Bloggers Conference.   And see above a photo of his bunions, I’m not saying they’re his best point or anything.

‘Why, Seana,’ I hear you warble, ‘do you call him the International Man of Mystery?’

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