Beautiful Beaches of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides

I’m thrilled today to have a post sent over from Scotland by my younger sister, Morag.

Mo, her husband and wee boys and my mum went to North Uist for their summer holidays in late July this year.

They had some absolutely glorious weather, and Mo took some marvellous photos. The photo above is of Claddach Beach on the island called North Uist.

Here are more lovely photos, with Mo’s Top Five Fave Things To Do in the Outer Hebrides.

The Outer Hebrides are the long chain of islands furthest west off the Scottish mainland. You catch a ferry from the Isle of Skye to get to them.
Outer hebrides
There are many different islands in the Outer Hebrides. We were based in North Uist, and visited berneray and South Uist, and Benbecula above, where the A marker is.
Paibles Beach, North Uist
This is Paibles Beach, North Uist
Scottish Beaches-3
Splashing in the sea at Paibles Beach
Scottish Beaches-9
Berneray West Beach

Five Favourite Things To Do On Our Outer Hebrides Holiday

1. Going back to Bernerary West Beach where my husband got down on bended knee in 2006 and asked me to marry him. Which was pretty amazing as I had been exceedingly grumpy all day due to rain and camping in it.

2.  Body surfing on the waves at Bernerary Beach, this was the first swim of the summer. And the realisation that the water was warm.

Scottish Beaches-5
Claddach Beach, North Uist

3. Walking out over the causeway to the 2000 year old Broch. The broch is in the middle of a brackish loch and to get to it you have to go over a couple of ancient causeways. The loch used to be tidal. There was apparently a stone that rocked (in ancient times) so that the people would know if anyone was approaching.

4. Exploring the rock pools with the boys and our new seashore identification book at Paibles Beach. Getting our toes nibbled by shrimps whilst doing so.

5. The last day of our hols coz it was so HOT  It was 28°c and we went to two amazing beaches, Claddach and Balranald. We were blown away by the beauty of the place; the turquoise seas, the beautiful machair, gorgeous scenery. The Hebrides at their best.

Scottish Beaches-4
This is the machair, the low-lying fertile grassy plains found in this part of Scotland. The flowers are so beautiful on the machair and the bird life they attract is amazing.

The weather wasn’t all blue skies and sunshine though, here are some rainy photos, very Scottish.

Scottish Beaches-1
Scottish Beaches-8
A cairn by the sea on a grey, grey day.
Scottish Beaches-7
Reading the weather forecast!

Thanks so much Morag for sharing these breath-taking photos from your holiday.

Please can we come next time? And please can the sun shine as it did for your last days in the beautiful Outer Hebrides.

Have you visited Scotland’s Outer Hebrides?

Ever had a wee notion to go there?


Learn more about the Outer Hebrides on this website.

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