Why You Need To Get In Touch With Your MP



Now then, do you ever find yourself disagreeing with your state or federal government?

Or even – heaven forbid – agreeing with them?

Do you express your thoughts and beliefs to your elected member of the House of Representatives or State Parliament?

We taxpayers (that’s all of us, yes we all pay GST, whatever our circumstances) employ our political representatives to manage the affairs of government on our behalf.


And as they say in 12 Step programs:

Our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.


Like all good managers, we should check in with our employees to see how they are going.

Are they representing their electorate efficiently?

Do we have any top tips to help them on their way?


The Time I Visited My State MP

Now, I have only once been to visit one of my elected members. I called the office of Ms Gladys Berejiklian, who was my state member at that time.

I just went in to say hello really and to tell her our family’s story of managing a young son with autism.

Our family has had the benefits of being able to spend a lot of our own money on therapies for our son but I wanted to let her know that most families cannot do that.

This was long before the NDIS was announced. Let’s hope the NDIS will help level the playing field for all Australians.

Anyway, Gladys was very lovely to talk to, a good listener too. I felt that I’d done my wee bit for my son and other families.


And Next It’s My Federal MP

I haven’t ever been to see my federal MP, but the time has come to pay a visit. First I shall write an email, politely asking his thoughts on marriage equality.

Then I will pop in to say g’day and ask a few more questions.

This is part of me becoming a more responsible citizen, as my kids grow up and I have more time.

I’m also appalled by my own political knowledge and actions so far… I tend to be a tribal voter.

I don’t mind outsourcing the government of the country to a paid pollie. But it’s time to step up and start taking a bit of a management role.

canberra get in touch with MP
Here are my twins, exercising their democratic right to play handball in front of Parliament House in Canberra.

Next I will post about how to go about tracking your representatives down and making contact. A simple step by step guide… partly this is so that I have a record and don’t forget how it’s done!

I’d love to hear from you.

Have you been in touch with your MP or state member?

Any tips for me?

3 thoughts on “Why You Need To Get In Touch With Your MP”

  1. I’ve never gotten in contact directly with an MP. I think I would fear a political, bureaucratic answer that would frustrate me more.

    Once, a local council member, but that’s it (I felt compelled to point out that a new high rise development overlooking the ocean that somehow had funding for being low income housing was basically BS).


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