Books Read in 2020

Whew! The year is over and for the first time ever, I listed every book read during the year. Little did I know as the year started what an excellent year this would be for staying at home and reading a book. And how lucky I was to be able to do that. Here’s the… Continue reading Books Read in 2020

A Few Good Genes

If we were to sit down for a coffee one day, you might find me whinging about something to do with genes. Cos we’ve got all sorts in my family and some are a bit of a pain. We’ve got the genes for anxiety, autism, ADHD, short legs and podgy thighs. Oh yes and the… Continue reading A Few Good Genes

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Five Contraceptives I’m Thrilled To Never Use Again

Contraception? I’ve tried them all, and, to be honest, some worked well… but some didn’t and I’ve got children to prove it. I remember the first time I was pregnant – accidental and two forms of contraception didn’t work – I was thrilled as suddenly I didn’t have to use contraception or worry about getting… Continue reading Five Contraceptives I’m Thrilled To Never Use Again

Suffering is Optional?

  Suffering is optional? Really? I’ve seen the quote above dozens of times on Facebook and Instagram. Usually it’s anonymous, sometimes some would-be wise person claims it as their own. And whilst the meaning is clear… we chose how much we suffer because of the inevitable difficulties and disasters we face… it just doesn’t ring true… Continue reading Suffering is Optional?

Feeling a bit splatted

Yes, feeling a little bit like this… chewed up and spat out. Just a normal day then? Not really, just a messy one though.      

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Just one to get things started

Just a couple of my favourite photos ever, to conjure up some happy thought. These were taken at the Bay of Fires in Tasmania, around my 50th birthday. Happy days…. carefree… out in the wild….. Far from suburban life… take me back! Bit of wanderlust dreaming, but of wishful thinking. Winter here in Sydney, so… Continue reading Just one to get things started

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