10 Things I Hate About Alcohol


Now I have a love/hate affair with alcohol, and just for today I’m in a hate phase.

It’s given me the shits. I’ve taken a scunner, as we Scots say.


The Ten Reasons I Hate Alcohol

  • It makes me fat
  • It increases me chances of getting cancer – a lot
  • It gives me shocking hangovers
  • I built up a tolerance and have to drink more and more to get the same buzz
  • After drinking for a few nights in a row I get terribly depressed
  • I never sleep well after drinking a lot or even a little after a few evenings
  • My immune system gets affected by alcohol
  • Drinking too much is behind most family violence
  • Alcohol kills people through poisoning, car accidents, violence
  • My Dad literally drank himself to death and I really would prefer not to


Let me be quite clear here, it’s not YOUR drinking that’s pissing me off.

It’s my own… it’s how bad alcohol can be for ME.

Physically and mentally too.

Grrrrr….. does anyone have an alternative substance that can give a wee buzz of relaxation without making me fat, building tolerance and giving me a hangover??

Can you tell I’m annoyed with myself and foaming at the mouth.

Yours in fury and frustration,

Needing to drink less or not at all

Please reassure me I am not alone!

Every worry about how much you drink?

Seana xxx


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  1. I don’t really drink. Maybe a few wines with the ladies occasionally, or a nice cold cider on a hot day, but apart from that. Hubby doesn’t drink either. I hate that alcohol is such a culture and if you don’t drink you’re looked at as weird.

    1. As you can tell, I’ve had too much recently. Need a switch to keeping it very simple. Nowadays most folks I know don’t drink too much, but there’s still a deep culture of it here in Oz and it’s even deeper in Scotland where I was brought up. I definitely struggle… and need a new path.

    2. I’m an infrequent drinker like that too. I used to just lie and tell people I didn’t drink because it was easier than explaining that you can just choose to not drink even if you do drink.

  2. I just spent the weekend at Problogger, which was basically school camp but with booze. I’m feeling all of your points right now!! I’m kind of all or nothing – I’ll drink way too much too often, then go off it cold turkey for a while… then start drinking again. P.S. My husband is Scottish so I definitely get that link too 😉

    1. I really just need to calm down for good…. I did once stop for a year then re-started and it’s been creeping up on me again. I definitely drank too much last year at PB… maybe I can go next year and be sensible – it’s good to have a goal!

  3. I still love a glass or two, sometimes less is more! I’m not a big fan of abstaining because once I know I can’t have something I want it more, but I’m always happy to cut back. We have months where we only drink at weekends or agree to not drink at home, it’s a good compromise…

    1. My husband just has a beer at weekends, sometimes two… he’s just naturally that that interested. I do love the buzz but need to reduce, as I have been doing… writing about it was cathartic.

  4. Yes, I drink more than I should. I started having a glass here and there to wind down and before you know it, it’s a habit. I try to restrict it to Friday and Saturday nights now.

    1. I’m thrilled to read your comment as it’s good to know I’m not alone. Weekends only is best and for me at the moment, not when alone in the house just me and the kids. When hubby was FIFO I got into some bad habits.

  5. I have barely had anything to drink this year. I’ve found I’m just too tired for my body to cope with it. Nothing bad happens as such, just too tired. And that’s even for a single glass.

    1. I envy you… a good pal of mine says the same thing, one glass makes her sleep on the lounge, so she restricts it to when out with friends, wise.

  6. I’ve only been drinking about 3 times between my last pregnancy {4 years ago} and this one and of course now that I’m pregnant again I’m wishing I had drunk more. Funny how when I can drink I don’t really care about it, but now that I can’t I really want to do it. I have a few piccolo’s sitting in my fridge taunting me and it’s driving me nuts. #teamIBOT

    1. Send them to me! Joking, I need to avoid them. Being pregnant is good cos I never really felt like drinking when I was expecting or breast feeding or totally exhausted with toddlers… but not the older two are teenagers and they have driven me to drink.

  7. I don’t drink but I grew up in a household where social drinking was part of the routine after work for Dad and Mum to join him. Neither ever became affected by alcohol. I was told ‘go, on you should try a drink’ and whilst I might have had a beer or a wine, I just got too hot and I didnt enjoy the feeling.
    So, love….it would seem that you are really, really torn. I hope that one way or another you can sort things out because I sense, that you would rather deal with life without the booze. I love your honesty and always admire your tenacity…love Denyse xx

    1. Hello Denyse, I was brought up in such a drinking culture, but saw all the very bad sides too. I do think it’s quite genetic as well, the predisposition… I have never gone too far and luckily am responsible enough to pull myself up.

    1. Hi Robyna, it does take the edge off for sure. Like chocolate, if it didn’t work, I wouldn’ consume it. But writing this rant helped me calm myself down somewhat and I feel so good after a week off the sauce.

  8. I’ll have a glass of wine here or there but I’m lucky that I’m not dependent on a drink and that I can control it. It is definitely a big part of our culture though, isn’t it? I hope you find an alternative way to achieve relaxation without the negative side effects x

    1. Exercise is really helping me a lot at the moment, and also having a soda or a tonic water, which I tell myself is special and a treat and it works well as a bit of instand relax. Did yoga today and feeling calm – that’s the way to calm the drinking down.

  9. I think ‘relaxation’ is partly the ritual of pouring the wine and stopping to appreciate it. Perhaps you could find another way to do that? Even if it’s just a cup of herbal tea. It’s the languishing in the moment at makes wine truly beautiful. x

    1. Funnily enough I have just bought a few boxes of Twinings tea bags on special and get a deep thrill out of choosing which one to drink – training my brain.

  10. Like you when I did drink I could feel depressed and all the rest. I think as my self-care and compassion has increased I am less and less willing to do that to myself. I think becoming unwell and being forced to take good care of myself in order to recover helped because I never ever want to be that unwell again and definitely never want to have to face the hard and long grind of getting well another time. I’m not suggesting you get unwell of course! That would be madness, and we never know what illness may befall us, sometimes it’s lethal, terminal and we have no choices, but our health is so precious I’d be thinking about that, and also what purpose drinking serves and how else that need could be met. XX

    1. How to get that instand relax… jump into the sea for a swim… actually I am loving a mint and licorice herb tea at the moment and my brain does hum with happiness when I drink it.

  11. I am the same. It really affects my sleep, my mood, everything. And the fat. You can get away with drinking in your twenties and dancing it off but the fat is just sticking to me, no matter what I do. I drink for a stress release and I hate that even more. Sober October with me? After the long weekend.

  12. Hey Seana I can so relate to this in a number of different ways. I was raised in a very violent alcohol based house or hooose as my Scottish Hysband would say & aborted drinking it was also a Seventh Day Adventist home (the perpetrator wasn’t) so there was NO alcohol in the house so I never drank and swore I wouldn’t! 21 years on and I meet a lad from Glasgow and one must have at least one tipple on the weekend as soon as the yard arm reaches midday (somewhere in the world) so I took a bit of a liking to the stuff! Hate the smell of beer and refuse to go into Pubs or Clubs (I have panic attacks close to the doors) so fast track to 36 years married and the said husband is retired so it’s Tuesday to Sunday night and he gets annoyed when I say ‘no thanks’. I never overdo it but for me sometimes one glass is too much. We’ve just toured the Outer Hebrides together and I did overdo it. I guess you get the picture and my daughter is getting married in 4 weeks and the amount of pressure on her at 32 to decide never to drink and having a fiancé who doesn’t either is huge on every level. Even the girls organising her Hen’s are worried that she can’t have fun because she isn’t drinking! I hate that there are places like the Newport that encourage families because to me it’s saying ‘hey it’s ok and you can play while I do my thang!’ Enough said and now I’m in a rock and a hard place with the Wedding as I’ve agreed with the couple to join them and not drink but of course my husband whose paying for the Wedding will have his share and mine but he is very very well behaved! Thank Goodness…

    1. That’s very good that your husband can be well behaved when drinking…. my dad couldn’t unfortunately…. It strikes me nowadays that more young people are not drinking or drinking a lot less. I do love the Hello Sunday Morning website and just the idea of it. So much focus on health these days.

      I was so glad to write all that out of my system. After a quiet week, I will probably have a drink or two at some stage over the weekend but have been keeping it down to a dull roar and feel much better mentally and physically too.

      Had a swim with B+B on Monday this week – sea was rough but was fantastic to get wet.

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